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Translating (to and from English):

  • Official documents for government agencies, schools, etc.
  • Motions and judgments from foreign courts
  • Medical records (including handwritten materials) for legal proceedings
  • Translating and transcribing law enforcement wiretaps and body tapes
  • Newspaper and magazine articles and advertisements
  • Sight translating at court proceedings and depositions
  • Surveys and polls, operating manuals, handwritten journals and letters

Translated work is delivered by mail, fax, electronic mail or courier, in electronic or hard copy format.

Simultaneous Interpreting:

  • Federal Courts: New York Southern and Eastern Districts, New Jersey, Arizona, Maine, Florida, Wyoming and Kentucky
  • New York and New Jersey State Supreme Court, Criminal Court, Civil Court, Family Court
  • Conferences and conventions, lectures for foreign visitors, focus groups, television

Consecutive Interpreting:

  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York
  • Federal and state grand juries
  • Witness testimony in courtrooms and via television and telephone
  • Depositions
  • Educational and psychological testing, medical/healthcare
  • Meetings between local officials and foreign visitors
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